Hayward Dance Experience

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-Registration Opens August 4-11

-Availability is based on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED policy. We must fairly accept registrations for those who register in the timeliest manner.
-Class placement is based primarily on grade and/or age & years in dance
-We do try to consider special considerations for class placement should you have a special need or request. However, the final decision is up to HDE Directors. Those considerations are made at the time of REGISTRATION, not before.
-Be advised that the dance schedule and location of classes is subject to change based on demand, volume and other unforeseen plans with our studio. Please remember, we try to accommodate every family as best we can and appreciate your flexibility.
-Should there become a need for a waitlist for a particular class, you will be notified via email that your student is on our waitlist. If you have made a payment to HDE for tuition dues, are placed on the waitlist and DO NOT make it into the dance program this year, HDE will refund you whatever was paid at the time of registration.  

-Classes are limited to 15 dancers, some classes less. 
-Class minimum is 6 students. If a certain class does not meet the minimum amount, dancers will be placed into another class which will be arranged with the parent/student ahead of time.

Once A Dancer is Registered & Initial Payment is Made, HDE staff spends several weeks determining where students should be placed into the appropriate class. Families may receive calls/emails from HDE to collaborate on class placement during that time period, we appreciate your patience!
Class Rosters are then posted 2 weeks prior to the start of practice.

The posted schedule/class lists are ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

UPDATED 8/12/2020